Twisted Challenge

Twisted Challenge

Twisted Challenge

A New Challenger Approaches!

Twisted challenge includes

The OG Bloody Mary


The Big Cheese

The Big Cheese

Tried and True At LARGE

Tried and True at Large

Victors get challenge food and a Twisted shirt for free.

Must be completed in 30 Minutes

History: The Brunch that Broke the Internet

In spring 2024, a YouTube eating sensation named Randy Santel introduced us to his friend Brandon ‘Da Garbage Disposal’. Brandon visited our restaurant, broadcasting live. He claimed that we could do our best, but he could eat faster and more than anyone who had stepped in our door. Our kitchen took it as a challenge, quickly assembling a smorgasbord of Twisted classics. The OG Bloody Mary, The Tried and True At Large, and the Big Cheese came to the table.

The resulting live-stream of his 24:13 sprint-to-finish meal time shocked our servers and set a Twisted record. Brandon became a champion and the “Twisted Challenge” was born. Since then, it’s become a sensation, with many failing where he reigned champ. Axel the Rooster continues to ‘cluckle’ as challengers are reduced to groaning, overstuffed brunch-zombies.

Think your stomach is stronger than our menu? Will you rise to the challenge, or join the ever-growing Twisted ‘Wall of Shame’? Axel the Rooster is waiting and ready to add you to his collection of defeated challengers.

But who knows? Maybe you’ll be wipe that smug look off his beak.


The Brunch that Broke the Internet


Brandon 'Da Garbage Disposal'


Call ahead to guarantee your Twisted Challenge. Axel is betting that you can't do it!

Don't drink? Don't worry! We'll prep the challenge with a virgin OG Bloody Mary.