About Us

How it started

One day a couple of friends were talking and wishing there was a great place for breakfast and brunch. A place that got creative with what they served. A fun place to hang out. A place with a bar. Nothing seemed to be just what they were looking for: too farmhouse, too typical, not innovative enough…kinda boring. These friends were entrepreneurs: one in real estate and one in restaurants. They shared a passion for doing things outside the ordinary. And so, Twisted Biscuit Brunch Co. was born.


They created a vision

for Twisted Biscuit Brunch Co. that included an innovative menu, unique drinks and a fun environment – a place you’ll want to hit up to hang out with friends and family. To bring the vision to life, they found a culinary genius. And some rock star people to help. And then the concept took off.

Breakfast But Better

The menu was designed to feature regional favorites and conventional breakfast fare with an innovative “twist” on the recipes. There are some fantastic Bloody Marys and a sweet Mimosa menu crafted to please moms (because, let’s face it, what mom doesn’t occasionally want a mimosa?) and non-moms alike. Then they went and took it up a notch.

Because Size Matters



A partnership with Goshen Coffee Company means their popular Old School Tattoo is the house brew. But they didn’t stop there. In a unique collaboration, Twisted Biscuit Brunch Co. will also carry an Underground Reserve. And you can only buy it at Twisted Biscuit.

Edwardsville is the first Twisted Biscuit, but it won’t be the last. Because hey, why not share something we love so much with other places and people? Because a trip to Twisted Biscuit isn’t just a good time. A visit to Twisted Biscuit is an adventure you’ll want to repeat. Every day.