• For the Little Biscuits

    • French Toast Sticks

      French Toast Sticks

      Cinnamon sugar french toast sticks, scrambled egg, bacon.

    • Lil’ Twisters

      Lil’ Twisters

      Chicken tenders and fries with BBQ sauce and a pickle.

    • M&M Pancakes

      M&M Pancakes

      M&M stuffed pancakes, scrambled egg, bacon.

    • Out of Bed Sleepy Head

      Out of Bed Sleepy Head

      Scrambled egg, bacon, fruit and cheddar bacon biscuit.

    • Son of a Biscuit

      Son of a Biscuit

      Bacon and Egg sliders. Served with fruit.

    • Twist-a-Burger


      Cheeseburger and fries with a pickle.